Who is Kakashi’s

Kakashi Hatake, one of the most popular characters in the Naruto merch world, is known for his mysterious demeanor and habit of keeping his face hidden behind a mask. While there are many questions surrounding Kakashi, one of the biggest mysteries is who his father is. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the possible candidates for Kakashi’s dad and try to figure out who it could be.

Who is Kakashi’s father?

Kakashi’s dad is Sakumo Hatake, a mysterious figure in the Naruto manga that we don’t know much of. In fact, Kakashi only knew his father for a young as he died of suicidal after a huge depression.

Sakumo was a great ninja and had a lot of talent, but he eventually gave up his life as a ninja in order to save his comrades. This made him a hero in the eyes of many people, but a paria in the eyes of the majority.

Kakashi was very proud of his father at that time and always looked up to him. Even after learning about his death, Kakashi still holds Sakumo in high regard. He was able to learn a lot from Sakumo’s mistakes and thoughts and become an even better ninja.

What does Kakashi’s father look like?

Sakumo Hatake is a tall man with white hair and a beard. He has blue eyes and is usually depicted wearing a white coat.

Why is Kakashi’s dad important?

Kakashi’s dad is important because he was a great ninja, even though he didn’t have the same career as most shinobi. Sakumo’s history is also what Kakashi wanted to follow after, even though he didn’t want to be just like him.